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People worth following on Twitter


Twitter really works for wine: allowing people to send concise thoughts on wines as soon as they drink them, news on what is happening in the vineyards around the world, as well as other wine-based pearls of wisdom. So, if you have never used Twitter before and are interested in wine, we'd recommend you give it a go.

However, there are thousands of Twitter users who tweet about wine (known commonly as "Twinos"). Below are a few of our favourites to start you off:

  • @bigpinots - our resident newshound who brings you the latest news without any inane ramblings
  • @jancisrobinson - the queen of wine keeps us up-to-date with her movements and findings
  • @randallgrahm - one of our favourite winemakers who is always entertaining (as well as making great wines)
  • @rickbakas - wine blogger in Napa, US
  • @alawine - wine blogger in California, US
  • @nataliemaclean - author of 'Red, white and drunk all over', webcasts and BlackBerry/iPhone apps
  • @decantercom - newsflashes from Decanter magazine
  • @nakedwines - one of our favourite suppliers in the UK which promotes small producers
  • @jamiegoode - an expert in vines
  • @timatkin - MW and wine journalist who writes for the Times and appears on the BBC
  • @debrameiburg - an MW based in Hong Kong.
  • @sarahabbottmw - UK-based MW who hosts tasting events
  • @matthewsjukes - wine writer who writes for the masses
  • @tuomasmw - Finnish MW
  • @samplerwine - one of our favourite shops - see our 'useful links' section
  • @winescriber - Chris Scott writes some excellent webcasts on a wide variety of subjects
  • @timhanni - a fascinating MW (and chef) who has very strong thoughts on taste
  • @russelllake - a NZ wine producer who talks us through the process of wine making in NZ


If you think that someone else deserves inclusion in the list, please let us know...