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Sunday, 08 August 2010 17:10

Tim Atkin highlights the power of technology for wine industry

Atkin says, "The brave new world created by the internet and social media is the present and the future; it's time we embraced it"

Tim Atkin, MW and writer for The Times (among other accolades) gives a hard-hitting wake up call regarding the use of the internet within the wine industry - in particular the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Referring to Clay Shirky, American guru on the social and economic effects of the internet, Atkin says that although "Facebook, Twitter and the like may look 'trivial and frivolous'... social media give people the capacity to connect, communicate and, if necessary, take action." He goes on to say that Shirky estimates that about 2bn people have access to the internet with a further 3bn having mobile phone access so we are in a world where "being part of a globally interconnected group is the normal case for most citizens" and is therefore alarmed at the lack of wine-based companies making the most of the technology available to them.

This appears to be fully backed-up by mysocialwinery.com's recent survey which reported that although 95% of French wineries export their wines, 37% don't have a website in English, 87% don't have a blog, 59% don't have a Facebook page, 91% don't have a Twitter account, 75% don't publish info on social networks; although apparently many are planning to integrate social media into their marketing strategy. One commentator, on Linkedin's Wine 2.0 group, says that US wineries don't fare much better, with only around 12% of Napa wineries having a Twitter account (and the rest of California under 10%).

In response to those who say a "global coalition of wine lovers" could ever happen, Atkins responds: "The brave new world created by the internet and social media is the present and the future; it's time we embraced it." We couldn't agree more.

This is a great article and I really don't do it justice with my synopsis. To read the article in full, please click here. For anyone wanting an insight to Facebook and social media, you could do a lot worse then checking out WebProNews.