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Q: How should I chill my wine?

A: The usual method is by putting the bottle in the fridge.


What about when the wine is at the table?

If you love gadgets, then you can try an electronic cooler. Matt Skinner has written a review in The Observer which you can read by clicking here.

Alternatively, if you're more of a traditionalist and have an ice-bucket, put ice AND water in the bucket, then pop your bottle in (opened) until it gets to the desired temperature - see our temperature guide for assistance.


What about if I need to cool it quicker than my domestic fridge can? Should I put it in the freezer?

If you need to chill the wine quickly then most people shove the bottle in the freezer for a quick burst. This is definitely not a good idea if the wine is Champagne or another type of sparkling wine, as it might explode (meaning that you have lost the wine and have to clean your freezer).

I find ice buckets much more effective anyway, and I have it on good authority that adding rock salt to the water/ice mixture lowers the temperature dramatically (down to as low as -21°C). This is apparently how they used to make ice-cream in the old days. If you don't have an ice-bucket, any bucket-like container will do. Just don't let the guests see it!