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Monday, 29 March 2010 08:54

New phylloxera outbreak in Australia

Alex Munro wrote the following article in The Lilydale & Yarra Valley Leader (Australian online newspaper) on 25 March 2010.

THE Yarra Valley Winegrowers Association has confirmed a fresh outbreak of phylloxera within the Yarra Valley.

Association general manger Richard Howden said an infestation was discovered last week at Domaine Chandon.

“The infestation is well within the phylloxera infestation zone”, he told the Leader.

“It is a new find of phylloxera. We’re always very concerned when it comes to new phylloxera infestations. “At this stage dealing with it is up to Domaine Chandon.’’

Domaine Chandon is situated 50 km east of Melbourne on the Maroondah Highway between Coldstream and Healesville.

Thanks to @gregofeuroa (twitter account) who brought the article to our attention.


Corkhound explains... phylloxera

Phylloxera is a louse that lives and feeds off the roots of vines. It was accidentally imported into France from the US around 1850. While US vines were resistant to the bugs, the roots of French vines were attacked and resulted in the death of the vine. The bug quickly spread across France, devastating most of it. Although there is no "cure" to Phylloxera, the solution is to 'grub up' (dig up) the vines and replant the vineyard: grafting the French grape on to an American root. This is obviously expensive. A few regions have so far avoided the virus: for example, Chile.