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Term Definition

Pronounced: Gar-nasher

See Grenache Noir.


Pronounced: Gerr-vurtz-tram-meen-err

Meaning 'spice' in German, this grape type is intensely aromatic (e.g. lychees, roses) and is grown successfully in colder regions. Due to its intense aromas/flavours, it is a great pairing with dishes that have higher flavours (e.g. Thai dishes). It is commonly referred to simply as "Gewürz".

Gosset Champagne

The oldest Champagne house that is still producing wines. Founded in 1584 by Pierre Gosset, alderman and wine-grower, he made still, and mostly red, wines. Gosset now produces a variety of wines, from Brut Excellence through to their Celebris range. For more information, visit www.champagne-gosset.com


See Pinot Gris

Grenache Noir

Pronounced: Grin-ash Nwar (aka Garnacha)

A high alcohol grape grown in many regions around the world (especially Spain and the Mediterranean). The grape produces pale, sweet juice, so it is a classic grape for roses. It is often blended with Mourvedre, Syrah, Cinsault and others.


An acronym used for wines made from Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre grapes.


A German term referring to an estate bottled wine.


Pronounced: Halb-trocken

A German term meaning off-dry.

ISO tasting glass

A wine glass specifically used for tasting. A tasting sample should not fill the glass, but should come up to where the glass starts to taper back in (about 5cl).


Literally means 'young'

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