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Term Definition
Pinot Gris

Pronounced: Pee-no Gree

(aka Pinot Grigio, Malvoisie, Ruländer, Grauburgunder, Szurkebarát)

A member of the Pinot family, this white grape produces full-bodied, deep coloured, gently aromatic white wines. It is grown in many areas, and has different characteristics in each.

The Italians (who call it Pinot Grigio) pick the grapes early, so much of the aromatic aromas are lost to create a dry, crisp, more neutral wine. In the Loire (where the grape is known as Malvoisie), it has smoky flavours. Germany differs slightly in that the grape has different names depending on the sweetness of the resultant wine: dry wines are called "Grauburgunder", while sweet wines "Ruländer". It is also grown throughout Central Europe and California.

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