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Term Definition

Pronounced: Shab-blee

A town and wine region in northern Burgundy (France) which produces extraordinary wines from 100% Chardonnay grape. It has a cool climate and limestone soils, with mineral tastes coming through in the wine.

Chablis Grand Cru is a separate appellation, which has the much stricter regulations than Chablis, and produces some of the regions best wines. These wines can benefit from 10-15 years ageing in the bottle.

Petit Chablis is another appellation, but produces less complex/refined wines.

Chablis Premier Cru is a sub-division of the main Chablis appellation, but with stricter regulations. The wines are better quality than standard Chablis, but not as special as Chablis Grand Cru. They can benefit from 5-10 years bottle-ageing.

Some young Chablis wines look green in colour.

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