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One of the senses experienced by taste (the palate). Acidity is picked up by the sides of the tongue near the back. High acidity makes the mouth water. Lack of acidity is described as 'flabby'.


Pronounced: Am-arr-own-ee

Full name is Amarone della Valpolicella. One of the most famous wine regions in Italy. The region is in northern Italy. Amarone is made from semi-dried grapes - making the wine more concentrated, intense, alcoholic and dense (viscous). Styles do vary depending, partly down to the extent the grapes have been dried, but also depending on whether the winemaker is making a wine in new stlye Amarone (with a purer, cherry fruit) or the old style (more port-like with aromas of chocolate, rum and leather).


The smell of a wine. 'Aroma' tends to be used when describing the smells of young wines; 'bouquet' is usually used to describe older wines (with more developed smells).

The nose can pick up problems in wine (such as cork taint, sulphur dioxide and oxidation), how intense the wine smells, whether the wine is young or aged, as well personal perceptions of smells.


A term for a wine made from fully ripened grapes. Auslese means 'Selected Harvest' which refers to the hand-picked selection process of the extra-ripe grapes. This wine is usually only produced in the best vintages. It is above Kabinett and Sp├Ątlese in terms of ripeness, but below Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese.

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