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Term Definition

A German term which refers to the finest wines from individual vineyards.


Dessert wine produced from frozen grapes. The water content of the grape is frozen and removed from the grape before being fermented. This concentrates the sweetness of the grape, thus resulting in a sweeter wine.

en primeur

This refers to the practice of buying wines before they are released on to the open market (while it is still in the barrel). This process is common in Bordeaux (France) and some other regions. This can be a risky business as the wine's value has not always increased by the time it is bottled and the wine cannot usually be tasted by the public before they commit to buy it. However, it does enable consumers to purchase wine that will not come to the open market once bottled (because it is snapped up by collectors in the en primeur process) and can offer wines at more affordable prices.

Expert and informed advice should be taken before buying wine 'en primeur' - you can easily get caught out and you can lose money.

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