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Term Definition

The conversion of sugar to alcohol (using yeast).

Therefore, grapes with higher sugar levels usually create wines with higher alcohol (although the winemaker can stop fermentation by, for example, adding sulphur dioxide, filtering out the yeast, increasing the temperature).

Flavescence dorée

A bacterial disease which can kill new vines and reduce the yield in older vines. It is gathering strength in France and is believed to now be a significant risk within many regions of France.


One of the 10 Beaujolais Cru appellations (France).


A white wine grape which is most notably used for the sweet dessert wine, Tokaji. The grape has good acidity levels and is particularly susceptible to botrytis (which concentrates the grapes and makes for sweeter wines). These two factors make it perfect for sweet wine production, and these wines have good ageing potential.

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