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Pronounced: Neb-ee-yo-low

Grape used to produce red wines with deep colour, high tannin, high acidity and big fruit flavours. It is a fussy grape in that it is a difficult grape to get ripe and it doesn't travel well (much to the sadness of many in the US). However, if wine is made using unripe grapes, most of the wonderful character of the grape are lost, or the tannin/acidity overpowers the fruit.

For this reason, good Nebbiolo-based wines usually come with a high price tag. The most famous Nebbiolo wines are Barolo and Barbaresco (Piemonte, Italy). These wines often have flavours which include roses and tar. It has great ageing potential. Other wines produced using Nebbiolo include Dolcetto and Barbera - both of which are made for early drinking, so don't try ageing them.


These are microscopic worms taht attack roots. Treatment is difficult and prevention is preferable. The cure is to totally grub up (rip up) the vines, sanitise the earth, then replant the vineyard using a resistant rootstock. In short, replant your entire vineyard!

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