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Term Definition
Tank method

(aka 'cuve close' or 'Charmat method')

Most sparkling wine in the world is made using this method. Put simply, a base wine is created using normal fermentation methods, then the wine is put in a tank with sugar and yeast for a secondary fermentation process. This is a much cheaper process than the Traditional method because it is less manual, but lacks the subtlety of the Traditional method. Also, the Tank method produces larger, less even bubbles. But, for simple, cheap, no-frills bubbly, this is better than wines made by 'carbonation' - which is just wine with carbondioxide pumped into it (like a big SodaStream!)


Think of a cup of black tea: it has a drying effect on your gums and teeth. This is how tannin is detected in wine too. Over time, tannin is integrated into the wine and it fades.

Tannin is important for a wine that is to be aged.


See 'Cork Taint'


Pronounced: Temp-ra-nee-yo

(aka Tinto Fino, Tinto del Pais, Ull de Liebre, Tinta Roriz, Aragones)

A lively red grape which produces deep-flavoured and full-bodied red wines. It is Spain's most famous grape (used, for example, in Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Navarra) and is also used in Portugal (in Alentejo and for Port). In Rioja, it is blended with Grenache (known as Garnacha in Spain). The flavours/aromas include tobacco, leather, spice.

It is a sensitive grape and is not an easy one to grow (suffering from frost and rot).


Pronounced: Tock-eye

A dessert wine produced in the Tokaj region of Hungary. The wine's sweetness is measured in Puttonyos (the higher the number, the sweeter the wine). It should be easy to find a lucious 5 Puttonyos Tokaji, but Tokaji of 6 Puttonyos is produced.

Traditional method

(aka m├ęthode Champenoise)

This is the traditional method of creating Champagne and other sparkling wines. The first fermentation takes place in the bottle, as does the second fermentation.

Transfer method

Mehod of producing sparkling wine: the wine is first fermented in a bottle, then the yeast is removed by transferring the contents of all the bottles into a tank. This produces good sparkling wine at a cheaper price than wines using the Traditional method, and ensures a consistent wines - but bubbles are affected.

80% of Australian sparkling wine is made using the Transfer method.


A German term meaning 'dry'.


(Abbr. TBA)

A term for a dessert wine made from fully ripened and botrytised grapes. Trcokenbeerenauslese means 'selected harvest of dried berries' and refers to the botrytised grapes that have been individually hand-picked to produce the wine. The grapes are so botrytised that they resemble raisins. Trockenbeerenauslese wines are only made in exceptional years and command very high prices.

This is the highest level of ripeness.

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