About Us


Corkhound wants to help you understand wine.

It is produced by a number of contributors who can only be described as obsessives! Based throughout the world (including UK, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and the USA), they listen to what is going on in their specialist area and report it to you.


Are you a beginner?

If so, we aim to:

  • help you understand the basics of wine (including the main wine regions and grapes);
  • help you match the correct food and wine combination;
  • give you confidence when ordering wine in a restaurant and buying wine in a supermarket;
  • help you make the most of the wine that you have;
  • bring you interesting information on the world of wine.


Or are you a bit of a pro?

We have stuff for you too:

  • News articles
  • Our resident twino's Twitter feed
  • A wealth of reference material (such as our vintage guide and serving chart)


Due to persistent hack attacks, we've removed the contact us page from the site. However, if you want to get in touch, give @bigpinots a tweet and he'll sort you out.