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Introduction to Israel

Israeli wine is produced in five regions: Galilee, the Judean Hills, Samson, Negev desert, Shomron (or Samaria). It is the latter that is the most important in terms of export.

Wines labeled as Kosher wines must:

  • be over 3 years old
  • leave the vineyard fallow every 7 years
  • not have shared land with other crops
  • be made from grapes that, after harvest, have only been handled by Sabbath-observing Jews
  • be made with kosher equipment


Additional terms

“Kosher for Passover”: refers to wines that have had no contact with bread or dough.
“Meshuval”: refers to wines that have been pasteurized or boiled. Apparently, despite this aggressive technique, modern production methods mean that Meshuval wines are still perfectly drinkable and are not ruined by the process.